Saturday, November 7, 2009


He's 15 and he's so damn HOT!
Ryan Seacreast addresses him as a superstar.
Check out his "One Time". "One Less Lonely Girl".
"Love Me". "Favourite Girl" etc2
Oh btw, I'ma BIG FAN of him!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Time: Daylight

Location: Malaysia

"D'you hear that?" asked a little boy to his brother, curiosly.
His brother shrugged, without taking his eyes off the nintendo.

Ignoring his reluctant brother, the boy rushed to the front door.
His eyes opened widely, scanning the surrounding, wondering
where the hell was that wierd koo-koo came from.
Frustrated, perhaps he continued playing his nintendo.

I watched the whole scene, and laughed.
But it was just a plain laugh.
Deep inside, I felt sorry for this boy.
Ayam pon xkenal ke??
Poor little rich boy!

P/S: Did I tell you that these boys are my cousins? I guess not.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


DISCLAIMER: I do not own the copyright.
Just wanted to share (or maybe promoting)...

Nothing. Just love the three of them.
Yuna. Zee Avi. Hunny Madu.
I've seen the video and think it was awesome
Yea..that photo shoot (did I spell it correctly?)
Think im gonna grab this mag soon!
(do I have to tell u this?)
Nv mind, idc!
Keep it up, chicas!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Meeeow Meeow Pow


Saya suuuuka kucing. Mereka terlalu comel, manja dan lincah.

Tp sy tataw knp sy ada perasaan diskriminasi terhadap
hitam dan yg byk kaler+nmpk comot. Sy xbenci mereka
tapi sy biasanya mengelak utk memegang mereka, apatah lagi
meriba atau mendukung. Nak dijadikan cerita, kt kolej tu byk
kucing and dorg suke sgt masuk dlm bilik, nak join da club la konon.
Mungkin ade sesetgh pihak yg anti/takut/geli kucing, so sy pon
volunteer halau kucing2 ni (poyo je)
Kalo yg comei2, sy pegangla. Kalo yg hitam+comot plak, tolak pakai
penyapu jela. Gelila nak pegang. Yg hitam tu nampak memutih je
telur kutu..eeeeeew!
Minte maapla ye..papepon, I tetap sayang u'all. Muahhhhs

mungkin masalah ni bermula sejak kecik lagi =(
p/s: comey x sy??? (diriku poyo sekali lagi)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mind This!


Bowel movement?(bm)..i like it when it goes smoothly, without
hurting my ****. But im having problem when im dealing with
'tandas duduk', u know. idk bout the others, but I tend to look to
the 'mangkuk' when im about to flush. Yikess..seeing my solid-dark
chocolate-things floating & swirling around the mangkuk, and then
disapppear. But, as for me, i'd rather grossing myself looking at my
own feces, instead of someone shouting, "eeeee..t*** sape ni!!"
(probably my lil bro). The same goes with 'tandas cangkung', which
you may find the chocolate thing, in small pieces, spreading on the
floor. Carefull not to step on it.
I've experienced seeing other's's sucks!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our name is....

Aritu gatai2 search people kt facebook.
Dengan penoh gatalnye aku taip..'Ain Sakinah'
Pap! muncul la bbrp maknusia bername 'Ain Sakinah'
Terkojut gak..then scroll lagi smpi bawah...
Bulat mata aku tgk ade profil name 'Nurul Ain Sakinah'
LAWL! ade gak org name sebijik same ngan aku
Aku anto mesej kt inbox die..gini ayatnye:
" awak mmg nurul ain sakinah ke?
klo camtu, nama kite samela
nurul ain sakinah bt. zainul fuad
nice to know u =)" (konon peramah)

few days later, she replies:
"assalamualaikum... nice 2 know u to...
name sy nurul 'ain sakinah bt. hasani
xsangkenye ade owg yg same name ngn sy..."

What a small world!

Scholarship PLZ...

Aritu sempat tnye kwn2 from matrix yg dpt scholarship jpa.
Minimum is 3.33. Ade yg cgpa
<3.50 pon bole dpt.
So, lepas sket pon bole dpt la?
Abg aku lak cite kwn die cgpa 2.00++ pon bole dpt?
Ade plak fatwa yg ckp..laki lg senang dpt?
Ntohle..lantokle..rezeki msg2
Hopefully aku layak

Miss the old days....